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SCHUNK EGK 25 - Unchained Robotics
SCHUNK EGK 25 - Unchained Robotics
SCHUNK EGK 25 - Unchained Robotics
SCHUNK EGK 25 - Unchained Robotics
SCHUNK EGK 25 - Unchained Robotics
SCHUNK EGK 25 - Unchained Robotics
SCHUNK EGK 25 - Unchained Robotics
SCHUNK EGK 25 - Unchained Robotics


The SCHUNK EGK 25 is an electric gripper with a stroke length of 26.5mm per jaw and a maximum gripping force of 50N. It is versatile and, thanks to its compact design, particularly well suited for small parts. With a weight of 0.58 kg, it is ideal for use with collaborative robots.

0.58 kg


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€2,200.00 - €2,600.00 excl. VAT.

From 300,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Versatile and productive

due to the large and freely programmable jaw stroke with infinitely variable gripping force adjustment for flexible workpiece handling

Reliable and sensitive

Particularly suitable for the requirements of laboratory automation and electronics production due to the sealed design and smooth-running profile rail guidance system

Maximum process reliability

by avoiding a workpiece loss thanks to integrated gripping force retention with loss detection

100% gripping force without start-up distance

with constant gripping force over the entire length of the finger thanks to integrated spur gearing

Minimal integration effort

Compatible with the leading manufacturers on the market thanks to a wide range of communication interfaces, as well as PLC function blocks and robot plug-ins

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Weight0.58 kg
Dimension83 x 62 x 78 mm
Operating modeElectric
Min. Operating Temperature5 °C
Max. Operating temperature55 °C
Stroke53 mm
Max. Gripforce50 N
Closing time0.37 s
Repeatability0.03 mm
Supply voltage24 V
IP classificationIP67

The SCHUNK EGK 25 is an electric gripper for handling small workpieces. With 26.5mm stroke per jaw and a maximum gripping force of 50N, the gripper is versatile. With its weight of 0.58 kg, it can be perfectly used with collaborative robots.


The highest level of functionality is available to you, thanks to the components embedded in the gripper. For example, the gripper fingers can be pre-positioned at high speed or for dipping in a workpiece carrier. The gripping force can be infinitely adjusted to the workpiece handling requirements. Workpiece recognition provides full process transparency for the user. In an emergency stop situation, workpiece loss can be avoided by the integrated gripping force retention.

BasicGrip and SoftGrip gripping modes are available. With BasicGrip and SoftGrip, continuous operation of the motor and thus permanent re-gripping of the workpiece is possible. With BasicGrip, the gripping speed is automatically optimized to the gripping force setting. With SoftGrip, fracture-sensitive workpieces can be gripped particularly gently by reducing the impulse forces to a minimum when they hit the workpiece.

Technical data

  • Stroke per jaw: 26.5mm
  • Min. gripping force: 20N
  • Max. gripping force: 50N
  • Weight: 0.58kg


A wide range of available communication interfaces simplifies dealing with the variety of control and robot manufacturers and ensures time savings during integration. Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP) enables direct integration without additional gateways into the control environment of leading PLC manufacturers on the market. With the Modbus RTU serial interface, the gripper can be connected to the tool flange of leading robot manufacturers without external cable routing. IO-Link is independent and offers flexibility in connecting to further networks.

Functional cross-section

(last picture at the top of this page)

  • Smooth-running profile rail guide with stainless steel face seal, food-grade lubrication and cover made of durable polycarbonate.
  • Fully integrated and sealed control and power electronics with status LEDs and M8 connectors for connecting power supply and communication.
  • High-resolution, output-side absolute encoder for precise positioning of the gripper jaws with permanent absolute position feedback.
  • Sealed drive train with spur gear and pinion-rack principle for a constantly acting gripping force over the entire finger length, without minimum approach distance.
  • Brushless motor for limited space and high torques thanks to externally mounted rotor.
  • Electromagnetic brake with additional mechanism for maintaining gripping force and position during standstill or power failure.

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