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About Us

Who we are

Founded in 2019 in Paderborn, Unchained Robotics is an automation company with a mission: we want to revolutionize industrial automation. And we're doing this by redefining the way companies find, build, and buy automation solutions.

With the help of our online platform and modular, turnkey solution, MalocherBot, we are simplifying and accelerating access to robotics automation for companies in Germany, Europe, and beyond.

About Us

Our Mission

At Unchained Robotics, we believe that automation should not feel like rocket science. It should be accessible, affordable, and understandable for small and medium-sized businesses.

With the help of our brand-agnostic online platform and our range of powerful, modular turnkey solutions, we aim to remove the existing barriers to entry and help our customers find the automation solution that fits their needs - and budget!

If desired, we can accompany our customers from conception to commissioning of individualized solutions and on-site training for employees.

It's Automation. Simplified.


The values that drive us

A company is defined by its values. Here are ours.


We want to make finding, comparing, and buying automation solutions a transparent process that leaves the client with the best possible solution for his needs. Therfore transparent pricing, easy product comparison, and honest feasibility reports are cornerstones of our business philosophy.


From constantly improving the buying process to designing innovative new modular solutions for common automation use cases, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.


Our relationship does not end with the completion of a project or a purchase - we're in this for the long run and support, help, and aid our customers after the purchase just like before.

Our Products


The configurator is an online tool that allows the user to create and evaluate automation solutions by simply entering the project or process parameters. The basic parts list is then generated by specially developed algorithms. The results contain mutually compatible parts and the real prices of said parts, providing an excellent starting point for any project.

Ideal for: Initial phase of a project, brainstorming, cost estimation.


Our cross-brand marketplace includes a wide range of robots, grippers, cameras, and much more. The products come from a large variety of leading manufacturers in robotics and automation. With a focus on transparency, technical data, documentation, and pricing information are available and clearly displayed for all products. And our selection of products and partners is constantly expanding!

Ideal for: Searching for new solutions, comparing prices, and creating customized solutions.

Turnkey Solutions

Our modular turnkey solution, named MalocherBot, is a powerful prefabricated automation system that can handle a large number of common use cases. These solutions are effective, reliable, and can be installed in a matter of hours - rather than the usual weeks or months for typical complete solutions. MalocherBot was developed completely in-house, is compatible with many of our partners' products, and has been thoroughly tested in the real world.

Ideal for: General use cases

Featured On


The ability to see prices “right off the bat” and thus at least get a ballpark figure has now improved significantly. This shop lists cobots from Universal Robots, Omron, Doosan, Yuanda and Denso, including prices, and thus offers a fairly broad spectrum. — MRK-blog.de


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