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CoboSafe is a force-pressure measurement system for checking transient and quasi-static forces and pressures on collaborative robots. This easy-to-use system is modular in its design and includes force transducers and a pressure measurement set, as well as evaluation software to verify compliance with required limit values. A set of force transducers with up to nine devices, each equipped with different spring constants, can be assembled as required. The combination of spring constant and an additional damping element enables measurement of the biomechanical limit values according to ISO/TS 15066, the DGUV information “FB HM-080”.

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Customized force transducers

CoboSafe offers a modular system of force transducers (CBSF), each differentiated by spring constant or design. All danger zones of the human body can be measured, and individual sets can be put together according to the application needs.

Two pressure measurement methods available

There are two pressure measurement methods from which to choose. With the first, pressure distribution and maximum pressure are recorded via pressure measurement film that is read by the scanner (CoboSafe-Scan). However, if a pressure curve measurement is also required, the measurement method using electronic film sensors is the most suitable (CoboSafe-Tek).

Simple and reproducible evaluation

The Cobosafe-Vision software calculates and visualizes the measured force curves and pressure images. The software is easy to use, and individual protocols can be exported as CSV.

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GTE CoboSafe

When it comes to human-robot collaboration (HRC) without separating protective devices, collisions between humans and robots never really be ruled out. Consequently, the permissible limit values according to ISO/TS 15066 for force and pressure must be observed. These regulations ensure the safe operation of collaborative robots (cobots) in the workplace. With regard to occupational safety, different requirements arise for workspaces employing cobots. Collision prevention and detection, torque monitoring and force limitation must achieve a similar level of protection as separating safety fences. The CoboSafe force-pressure measuring system is an easy-to-use instrument for demonstrating compliance with required limit values. As required, a set of force transducers can be assembled with up to nine devices, each equipped with different spring constants. The combination of spring constant and additional damping element enables measurement of the biomechanical limit values in accordance with ISO/TS 15066, DGUV "FB HM-080," and "RIA TR R15.806-2018" (as specified by the Robotic Industries Association of the American National Standards Institute). As a component for pressure measurement itself, it is a simple set based on pressure measurement foils.

A more sophisticated pressure measurement method based on electronic foil sensors is also available.

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