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ViscoTec preeflow® eco PEN600

The ViscoTec preeflow® eco PEN600 has been developed and tested for precise dispensing of media with low to high viscosity at highest repeatability. The preeflow dispensers are rotating positive displacement pumps. The conveying elements consist of a rotating part, the "rotor", and a stationary part, the "stator". The rotor, which is designed as a kind of round thread, moves rotationally in the stator, which has one more thread and twice the pitch length of the rotor. This leaves conveying spaces between the stator and the rotor, which rotates in it and also moves radially, and moves forward continuously. The flex shaft driving the rotor compensates for the eccentric movement of the rotor and is completely maintenance-free. The sealing effect of the dispenser's conveying elements is viscosity and pressure dependent. Since the conveying direction is reversible, the medium can be retracted for a clean thread break.

650 kg

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€2,913.28 excl. VAT.

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The preeflow® eco-PEN600 is a rotating, pressure-tight displacement system. It consists of a stainless steel rotor and an elastomeric stator which together form a self-sealing system. This creates individual, self-contained volume chambers. The rotary motion of the stator pushes the volume chambers further, thus creating the conveyance. For low-viscosity products, the system is self-priming. The EC200 or "plug n dose" control system is required for control.

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Weight650 kg
Dimension34 x 34 x 274 mm

The ViscoTec preeflow® eco PEN600 is a new volumetric metering system. Here, the proven technology of the eccentric screw pump is incorporated in a miniaturized version. New manufacturing processes and materials have made it possible to transfer the complex geometries of the screw conveyor and the stator into this small design. Now, for the first time, media in very small quantities can be conveyed fully volumetrically both forwards and backwards. This also ensures a clean break-off of the medium.

Technical specifications

  • Dimension: 34 x 34 x 274mm
  • Mode of operation: volumetric
  • Drive: electromotive
  • Content Vol: 5.2 cc dead volume
  • Material outlet: Luer lock, O-ring
  • Flow rate: 1.4 - 16 ml/min
  • Material pressure (max.): 20 bar
  • Material inlet: 1/4 inch
  • Operating pressure (min.): 0 bar
  • Weight: 650 g

Further specifications can be taken from the operating instructions!

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