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Made4CNC Safedoor

The Made4CNC Safedoor is an unique and safe solution to enable robotized tending of CNC machines. The Actuator allows fast and continuous operation of CNC machine doors. The intelligent Safedoor Controller monitors the door motion, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. The built-in safety features support safe human/machine collaboration without the need for safety fencing.


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€4,250.00 - €6,975.00 excl. VAT.

From 500,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Easy and Fast Installation

Everything needed to set up the Safedoor is included in the box. The setting up time is estimated to be between 1 to 2 hours.

Flexible system

No time is wasted with customizations. Flexible mounting options allow easy integration with most CNC machines. The system measures key characteristics of the door and optimizes the motion profile accordingly.

Built-in Safety

The built-in safety features assist in safe collaboration between humans and the machine, without the need for safety fencing. It's ideal for collaborative robot applications.

Simple Integration

Software plug-ins are included and make programming effortless with various robots. The CNC machine and the robot are tied together through simple digital IOs.

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The Made4CNC Safedoor is an innovative, safe, and easy-to-use solution for handling the CNC machine doors in collaborative machine tending applications. The system is also an ideal solution for CNC tending without a robot, improving ergonomics.

The Safedoor system is composed of a controller and one or two actuators, depending on if it is a single or double door CNC machine. The actuator is mounted onto the CNC machine using the included brackets and connected to the controller for a fast and continuous operation. The controller then communicates with the robot and the CNC machine and controls the door motion while ensuring smooth and reliable procedures. Various robots can be easily programmed through included Software plug-ins. The system is ready to operate once an automatic configuration cycle is completed to adjust to the width, weight, resistance, and other parameters of the door.

The built-in safety features support collaboration between humans and the machine, without the need for safety fencing. The Made4CNC Safedoor monitors the exerted force and stops when unexpected resistance is detected mitigating potential hazards. As the door automatically adjusts to the machine, the system also calculates the motion profile accordingly, slowing the door down before it completely closes. The maximum speed of the door can be adjusted to improve the productivity and efficiency of the machine.

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