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Kinova Gen3 6-Achsen - Unchained Robotics
Kinova Gen3 6-Achsen - Unchained Robotics
Kinova Gen3 6-Achsen - Unchained Robotics
Kinova Gen3 6-Achsen - Unchained Robotics
Kinova Gen3 6-Achsen - Unchained Robotics
Kinova Gen3 6-Achsen - Unchained Robotics

Kinova Gen3 6-axis

The Kinova Gen3 is a lightweight, portable robot with an integrated control unit embedded in its arm. It can be set up quickly and is suitable for universities, startups as well as larger companies. The Kinova Kortex API enables easy integration and remote control from desktop or mobile devices. An optional vision module is available for camera-based tasks.

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€31,626.89 - €34,221.01 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Reach891 mm
Payload4 kg
Weight7.2 kg
Max. linear TCP speed0.5 m/s
Min. Operating Temperature-30 °C
Max. Operating temperature35 °C
I/O Power Supply20-30 VDC, 24VDC nominal
Joint Movement (Range: ° / Max Speed : ° /s)
J1-360 till 360±-
J2-360 till 360±-
J3-360 till 360±-
J4-360 till 360±-
J5-360 till 360±-
J6-360 till 360±-
J7 --
Other Features
IP classificationIP33

The Kinova Gen3 is an ultra-light robot that is efficient and portable thanks to its light weight. With the control unit built directly into the robot arm, there is also no need for a large, heavy and bulky control box. The robot can be set up in under 30 minutes, allowing it to be used flexibly by different teams. Among other things, this feature makes it a perfect solution for e.g. universities, startups or even larger companies.

With the Kinova Kortex API software, the Gen3 can be easily integrated into existing technologies and the robot can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device via the Kortex Web App.

Use the Kinova Web App to onboard new users, transfer code to the hardware via the Matlab Simulink interface, implement mobile manipulations with ROS drivers, or develop your fully custom application using the Kortex API available in Python and C++. Enjoy the flexibility to develop in the environment you feel most comfortable with. Also available is the optional Vision module, which provides the ability to process dynamic, vision-based tasks.

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