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Mitsubishi RV-8CRL Industrieroboter | Unchained Robotics
Mitsubishi RV-8CRL Industrieroboter | Unchained Robotics

Mitsubishi RV-8CRL

Mitsubishi RV-8CRL-D-S15 is the newest member of Mitsubishi's family of advanced articulated arm robots. Thanks to its compact and functional design as well as its large working area, the RV-8CRL robot is suitable for a variety of applications, such as Pick & Place, Material Handling and Loading/Unloading.

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€30,810.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Cost effective robot for a wide range of applications

Pick&Place, Material Handling, Loading and Unloading, Machine Operation, Parts Assembly, Quality Inspection

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Reach931 mm
Payload8 kg
Weight41 kg
Max. linear TCP speed10.5 m/s
Repeatability0.02 mm
Min. Operating Temperature0 °C
Max. Operating temperature40 °C
I/O PortsI/O; EtherNet/IP; Profinet; CC-Linke IE Field; EtherCAT
I/O Power Supply24V
Joint Movement (Range: ° / Max Speed : ° /s)
J1-170 till 170±288
J2-110 till 110±321
J30 till 165±360
J4-200 till 200±337
J5-120 till 120±450
J6-360 till 360±720
J7 --
Other Features
IP classificationIP65
Mounting DirectionAll directions
CertificatesSee Downloads
Control Box
Dimension430 x 425 x 99,5mm
Weight12.5 kg
I/O portsUSB, Ethernet, SD Memory Cart Slot, RS-422
I/O power supply50/60 Hz
IP classificationIP20
Teach Panel
Dimension195 x 292 x 106mm
Cable length7

The Mitsubishi RV-8CRL is a 6-axis robot designed to handle payloads weighing up to 8 kg. A sleek, curved design complements the slim arm and compact joints. Furthermore, this advanced robot can be quickly and easily integrated into existing equipment and processes. And thanks to its robust design, the robot can operate in environments made difficult by dust or oil mist - all thanks to its IP65 protection rating!

Features of the Mitsubishi RV-8CRL robot

  • A beltless coaxial drive improves transmission, reliability and serviceability
  • Thanks to new HK motors, no backup battery is needed to secure the robot's internal encoder
  • An integrated encoder and a power supply in one cable simplify internal connections

Improved Continuous Operation Performance

  • The latest HK series servo motors from Mitsubishi Electric
  • Improved torque characteristics, accuracy and responsiveness by reducing size and weight
  • Overall improvements to robot performance as well as greater compactness

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