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SD 30/55 Syringe Dispenser

The Aim Robotics SD 30/55 is an advanced syringe dispenser designed for collaborative applications. This all-electric dispenser can work with liquids of any viscosity and accepts 30 and 55 cc syringe barrels. Thanks to Aim Robotics’ easy-to-us URCap, the SD 30/55 boasts native compatibility with cobots from Universal Robots. But it also works with any other work, too.
With the Aim Robotics SD 30/55 you can easily Plug&Dispense!

0.7 kg

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€7,400.00 excl. VAT.

From 800,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Built for collaboration

The Aim Robotic SD 30/55 brings precision dispensing to collaborative robotics.

Universal Robots Compatibility

The SD 30/55 dispenser is natively compatible with Universal Robots e-Series and CB cobots

One connection

Single 8-pin connector – no need for air lines nor extra bulky power cables

Use the bot you've got

The SD 30/55 with ANY robot using the Aim Robotics Plug&Convert box.

Fast Setup

Plug&Dispense™ – get up and dispensing in under 10 minutes

Easy to use

There is one easy-to-use software interface for all Aim Robotics Dispensers

Consistent Quality

Patented SteadyFlow™ technology ensures synchronous flow with robot TCP speed. Further, the solution maintains consistent control over the dispensing parameters.

Minimal Flow Variation

AirLess Technology™ by Aim Robotics ensures minimal flow variation.

Featured on Unchained TV

DispensingElectrical Engineering

Aim Robotics SD 30/55 dispenser in action dispensing Silitrade onto PCBs

DispensingMechnical Engineering

Setting up the Aim Robotics SD 30/55 dispensing solution with a UR Cobot

Weight0.7 kg
Dimension247 x 128 x 63 mm
Min. Operating Temperature-10 °C
Max. Operating temperature55 °C
Dispensing Variance-1 %
Min. Viscosity1
Max. Viscosity3,000,000
Supply voltage24 V
Nominal current0.6 A
CommunicationRS 485, 2DI
Mounting InterfaceISO 9409-1, type 50-4-M6
IP classificationIP65

The Aim Robotics SD 30/55 Air-Less Syringe Dispenser is a powerful, electric syringe dispensing solution designed for collaborative applications. Capable of handling liquids of all viscosities, this is an adaptable dispenser that fits a wide variety of needs.

From a hardware perspective, the SD 30/55 is easy to set up and use. It has a single point of connection (an M8 cable) for both power and control. Without the need for compressed air or multiple cable, the SD 30/55 design reduces points of failure and requires less maintenance.

From a software perspective, the SD 30/55 is even more intuitive. Thanks to Aim Robotics' user-friendly URCap and interface, anyone can program the dispensing solution with minimal training. Further deployment and redeployment are made fast and easy thanks to Aim Robotic's specially developed software and native compatibility with Universal Robots.

However, while the dispenser is natively compatibile with Unviersal Robots' cobots, it also works with any other robot. This is possible thanks to the Aim Robotics Plug&Convert box.


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