FORMHAND FH-E3020 Gripping Module


4444 g


25000 g

The FH-E3020 gripping module is FORMHANDS biggest and strongest. The gripper itself consists of a module frame and a gripping cushion. The rectangular shaped gripping cushion (dimensions approx. DIN A4) can handle almost any object.

It succeeds in gripping a wide variety of complex objects because the FORMAHND Gripping Cushion seamlessly form fits to the geometry and surface of the component. The magic is in the blue cushion: It is filled with a free-moving granulate and thus gently adapts to any surface. This ensures true shape variability.

This is FORMHAND’s largest gripper and can dynamically lift up to 25kg.


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The FH-E3020 module adapts to grip the targeted object thanks to its unique gripping cushion. By adapting its shape to the object, it can thus create a sealed system. Even when the object has a strange or difficult shape.

This shape adaptation is followed by the evacuation of the gripping cushion, which thereby adapts to the surface in a form-fitting manner. During gripping, the gripping force is transferred to the entire covered surface of the object, which leads to gentle object handling due to an overall low pressure difference. This particular model can handle objects weighing up to 25kg.

The FORMHAND gripping pad itself is attached to the frame module via a quick-release fastener and can thus be changed quickly.

The FH-E3020 Gripping Module is built by FORMHAND. FORMHAND is a young, innovative mechanical engineering company that has set for itself the goal of developing and manufacturing extremely intelligent and adaptable handling solutions. Their technology combines universal, granulate-filled gripping cushions with an electrically generated volume flow and thus replaces rigid handling solutions. Our adaptable gripping cushions open up enormous potential for flexible and efficient processes.

Where is it used?

Many companies use the FH-E3020 gripping module for their collaborative applications. Others employ the gripper in intralogistics so as to save themselves additional costs. Since the FH-E3020 adapts to a wide variety of shapes and surfaces, businesses save by not having to buy a gripper adapted to every new material they use.

When adaption is necessay, the gripper cushion itself can be filled with different granulates and can thus be modified to meet the needs of specific applications.

This is FORMHAND’s largest gripper. It can lift up to 25kg and be easily integrated into collaborative applications.

There’s more to FORMHAND!
If the gripping surface of the FH-E3020 is too large for your application, check out the R80 and R150.

FORMHAND Grippers – How they work
FORMHAND Grippers in Action (EN)
FORMHAND E3020 handling roof shingles.


25000 g
4444 g
250 N
Number of gripping elements

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