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Co-act EGP-C


The Co-act EGP-C is a series of precision electric grippers from SCHUNK. With a maximum stroke of 20 mm, a gripping force of 230 N and a recommended payload of 1.15 kg, the Co-Act EGP-C gripper is ideal for a wide range of lightweight applications. The Co-act EGP-C 2-finger parallel gripper is certified for collaborative operation with control via 24 V and digital I/O.


1.38 kg


1.15 kg


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€2,250.00 excl. VAT.

From 300,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Certified gripping unit

Functional Security

Pre-assembled gripper unit with robot interface

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Payload1.15 kg
Weight1.38 kg
Dimension161,2 x 125,5 x 86,4 mm
Number of fingers2
Operating modeElectric
Min. Operating Temperature5 °C
Max. Operating temperature55 °C
Stroke20 mm
Max. Gripforce230 N
Supply voltage24 V
Max. current2 A
Nominal current0.2 A
Communicationdigital IOs
Mounting InterfaceISO 9409-1-50-4-M6
IP classificationIP30

The Co-act-EGP-C from SCHUNK is an electric gripper for flexible handling of workpieces. With a max. gripping force of 230N, workpiece weights up to 1.15kg are recommended for handling.

Depending on the model, the stroke per jaw is 10mm, providing a total stroke of 20mm. With a dead weight of 1.38kg, the electric gripper without fingertips is wonderfully suited for use on the collaborative robots (cobots) of the Universal Robots, Doosan and Omron/TM brands.

There are several variants for this model, which differ in stroke and max. gripping force and thus in max. payload. Based on your requirements, we will be happy to help you choose the appropriate variant. In a smaller version with a recommendation for handling workpieces up to 0.7kg, the gripper is also suitable for Doosan cobots.

The Co-act-EGP-C is part of the Plug & Work portfolio, which includes electrically and pneumatically controlled grippers, quick-change modules and force-torque sensors. The SCHUNK end-of-arm modular system allows a wide range of combinations to handle the product of your choice.

Technical data:

Stroke: 6 - 20 mm

Gripping force: 40 - 230 N

Weight: 0.36 - 1.38 kg

Recommended payload: 0,2 - 1,15 kg

Cable length: 90 - 4000 mm

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