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OnRobot 2FG7


1.1 kg


7 kg

OnRobot’s 2FG7 is a complete, low-cost, off-the-shelf electric parallel gripper that can be deployed within minutes and requires no custom engineering for installation, programming, or maintenance. The 2FG7 is easily redeployed on any major collaborative or light industrial robot, making it ideal for low-volume, high-mix production, and enabling fast ROI for many different applications.

€3,536.00 - €4,733.00 excl. VAT.

From 400,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Easy to use and cost effective, the 2FG7 gripper can be deployed within minutes for many different applications.

IP67 rating for harsh environments

2FG7 can withstand harsh manufacturing conditions and applications such as in machine tending applications.

Ideal for small spaces

With powerful grip and small footprint, 2FG7 is the perfect gripper to use in small work envelopes and in applications with tight quarters for maneuvering, even with heavy payloads.

ISO Class 5 certification for cleanroom use

Compliant with ISO Class 5 required for many handling applications, the 2FG7 is ready to use in pharmaceuticals and electronics industries.

No compressed air required

Electric parallel gripper, 2FG7 is ideal for high-mix/low-volume production since it allows for quick and easy deployement and redeployment.

Direkt einsatzbereit

Für raue Fertigungsumgebungen und -anwendungen ausgelegt, kann komplexe Werkstücke selbst in beengten Platzverhältnissen bearbeiten.

Ein Greifer für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen

Robust und gleichzeitig flexibel, Griffkraft und Hub können präzise an Ihre Anwendung angepasst werden.

Erweiterte Automatisierungsmöglichkeiten

Für die Reinraum-Anwendung zertifiziert, perfekt geeignet für die Pharma- und Elektronikindustrie.

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Pick & PlaceVorführungIndustrieübergreifend

OnRobot 2FG7 Greifer und Eyes für die Qualitätsprüfung mit einem Nachi Cobot - Vorführung


OnRobot 3FG15 und 2FG7 Greifer und ein JAKA Cobot - Vorführung der Maschinenbedienung

Payload7 kg
Weight1.1 kg
Dimension144 x 90 x 71 mm
Number of fingers2
Operating modeElectric
Min. Operating Temperature5 °C
Max. Operating temperature50 °C
Stroke38 mm
Max. Gripforce140 N
Closing time0.2 s
Repeatability0.1 mm
Supply voltage24 V
Max. current2 A
Communicationdigital IOs, Ethernet
Mounting InterfaceISO 9409-1-50-4-M6
IP classificationIP67

Smaller and more powerful than other 2 finger grippers, the 2FG7 is perfect for use in applications with limited maneuvering space. Boasting a maximum payload of 11 kg (24.3 lb), an external grip range of up to 73 mm (2.87 in), and a gripping force of 20 N to 140 N, the versatile 2FG7 can easily handle heavy or bulky payloads. And with IP67 rating for harsh environments and ISO Class 5 certification for cleanroom use, the 2FG7 is ready to work almost anywhere you need it.

Price may vary with cobot brand.

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