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GRIP Base Connector SHW160

The GRIP Base Connector SHW160 is the ideal base mount for your lightweight robot or cobot. You can remove the entire robot and install it elsewhere in just seconds. The intuitive and process-safe operation makes your lightweight robot even more flexible and adaptable.

The GRIP Base Connector SHW160 is compatible with all lightweight robots and cobots and is designed to offer an optimal mechanical connection. The Connector offers intuitive, toolless operation and easy assembly. The SHW upper part is mounted on the base of the robot and the lower part is screwed down in the workspace.

You can find out exactly which parts are included in each GRIP SHW160 Base Connector kit in the download section.

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€1,668.70 excl. VAT.

From 200,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Move the entire robot arm in seconds


Can be released and closed with one handle


Optimization of robot cells and resources


Repeatability < 0.02 mm

Inhalt dieses Sets

  1 x Base Connector SHW160 - Oberteil
  1 x Base Connector SHW160 - Unterteil

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The GRIP Base Connector SHW160 allows quick and easy removal of the entire robot arm. The robot arm is bolted to a quick connect system which in turn is bolted to a table or cell. This manual connect system allows companies to use the same robot in multiple different cells without having to unscrew the robot every time. A simple lever allows the robot to be released from its current position and taken to a new position. The entire process takes only a few seconds. It enables companies to be more flexible with the robots that they have and optimizes the use of their resources.
Discover the benefits of GRIP's innovative Base Connector SHW160:

Allows transfer of entire robot arm
Optimization of robot cells and resources
Intuitive and easy to use
Very strong
Repeatability < 0.02 mm
Durable -  over 5000  cycles

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