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Bota Systems SensONE Cobot Kit - Serial

The Bota Systems SensONE is an industrial lightweight 6-axis force torque sensor designed for collaborative robots. The compact design is dustproof and water-resistant. The ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 mounting flange makes integrating the SensONE sensor with robots extremely easy. No adapter is needed, only fasteners! This sensor, designed for precise force control applications, is available in two common communication options, serial or EtherCAT.
€4,490.00 excl. VAT.

From 500,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Embedded Electronics

Easy to integrate, easy to configure. No additional signal conditioner boxes are necessary. The sensor directly connects to your control box, PLC, or PC and provides digital ouput

Compact and Lightweight

The SensONE has a robust and integrated design, is dustproof and water-resistant, making it well suited for harsh conditions in production lines.


The ISO flange and the standard communication interfaces make it easy to integrate this sensor for collaborative robots. Furthermore, the sensor offers three side mounting flanges for 3D cameras and tools.

Precise Measurements

The high accuracy and low noise on all 6 axis provide the necessary sensitivity for automating challenging tasks. Bota Systems sensors offer excellent linearity and minimal cross-talk.

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The Bota Systems SensONE 6-axis force torque sensor is a ready-to-fit, plug-and-play solution for common collaborative robots. It has an unique all-in-one sensor design that includes the ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 mounting flange on both sides and embedded signal processing electronics. The compact and lightweight construction ensures that the robot can use its full payload for end-of-arm tooling. The robust and stiff structure endures high overload and cyclic load, while providing high sensitivity, ideal for demandig applications like sanding, polishing, deburring, precision assembly, or product testing.

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