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GARMO GarLine C is the new seam tracking sensor for automated welding with cobots. It features a powerful and user-friendly design and is built with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.

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€11,000.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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GarLine surpasses the IP67 insulation grade and successfully performs in a 0ºC/ 70ºC working range. Its original design incorporates materials for aerospace use that ensure an optimal EMI insulation, including TIG welding processes


Its electronics of 4 parallel processes of 4Gb of RAM computes the corrections at 42 images per second in full resolution. Besides, GarLine includes an innovative feature for dynamic adaptation of sensor and laser parameters between frames, to correct reflection problems in applications involving varying material surface conditions.


What makes GarLine sensors different is the inclusion of a connection system adapted to the new IoT technology. The sensor supports most of TCP/IP protocols, and the web interface eliminates the need of specific software.

Easy Setup

The new GarLine sensors are designed to offer easy integration, to both PLCs and Cobots. For the first time, only one wire is required for a complete integration. No more computers, nor other devices needed. Just a POE switch injector.

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Field of view28
Min. Operating Distance10 mm
Max. FPS42
IP classificationIP 67

GARMO GarLine C is the new seam tracking sensor for automated welding with cobots. This innovative seam tracking laser sensor with integrated software offers a set of unique capabilities to simplify operation and improve weld quality while also increasing performance in welding processes. GARMO GarLine C is specially designed for the most adverse working environments and reliably handles smoke, humidity, corrosion, and welding spatter. The sensor is resistant to magnetic fields, and its outer housing withstands both shock and hard impact.
Convenient software integration with Universal Robots and Fanuc cobot interfaces allows for the easy and intuitive setup of welding processes from the cobot operator interface. Automated seam detection means the operator doesn't even have to manually teach exact points with the cobot! Real-time tracking of the seam ensures precise tracking of the welding device at all times and thus also optimum weld quality - even if the tolerance of the robot arm increases with age.
In addition, the use of a single standard cable (for power and data) simplifies sensor installation and ensures a consistent connection. The sensor comes with several easily replaceable disposable protective windows and a calibration plate for cobots from Universal Robots.

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