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MalocherBot is massively modular

MalocherBot is a completely modular turnkey solution. And there's a modular for every common industrial process.

Whether you're automating a palletizing, dispensing, grinding, or machine tending process, there's a module for that.

All modules are exchangeable and easily installed in minutes. Stay flexible and agile with MalocherBot.

MalocherBot: Your Automation All-Star

Reliable and Rapid ROI

MalocherBot is easily installed, programmed, and adapted to changing needs: ensuring your ROI is fast and predictable.

Your needs.
Your Robot.

The right size for your needs.

MalocherBot is available in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL.

From small assembly and dispensing tasks to heavy palletizing and packaging - MalocherBot has got you covered.

Base Units are available with robots from leading manufacturers.

Sander Module

The Super Sanding Solution

This is the module for all your spinning tasks. The Sander Module handles a whole lot beyond simple Sanding. From polishing and grinding to deburring and more, the Sander cell is your all-in-one solution.

New pieces and patterns are easily programmed through the LUNA graphical interface.

Palletizer Module

Powerful palletizing for packages big and small

The MalocherBot Palletizer Module is the easy way to automate palletizing and depalletizing tasks.

This module is built with ease of use in mind. Installation is fast and setup is easy. And thanks to the built-in software, teaching new patterns and box sizes is a matter of minutes.

Level up your palletizing with MalocherBot.

Powered by LUNA

Smart software for stable solutions

Each MalocherBot System is powered by the advanced automation operating system LUNA.

Built into each MalocherBot Base Unit, LUNA is your unified command and control center.

LUNA automatically configures newly installed modules and offers a state-of-the-art graphical interface.


One Ecosystem. Infinite Possibilities.

We love transparency. That’s why the over 300 products on our shop are displayed with their real price, specifications, and downloadable datasheets and CAD files. Browse, price, and compare robots, grippers, and more hassle-free.

Der Yaskawa HC10DTP Cobot ohne Greifer auf einem weißen Hintergrundhttps://uploads.unchainedrobotics.de/media/products/Product_images2FHC10-Content-5_d5d3da09.png


€38,120.00 excl. VAT.
Silberner Universal Robots UR10 Cobot ohne angebautes Werkzeug, von vorne gesehen auf weißem Hintergrund.https://uploads.unchainedrobotics.de/media/products/Product_images2FUniversalRobots_UR10e_2_eee0e451.jpg

Universal Robots UR10e

€38,165.00 excl. VAT.
Neura Robotics LARA Cobot auf einem weißen Hintergrundhttps://uploads.unchainedrobotics.de/media/products/Product_images2FNEURA-LARA-RS-4_c31aca6e.png

Neura Robotics LARA 5

€18,900.00 excl. VAT.

Doosan Robotics H2515

€50,500.00 excl. VAT.


Always find the perfect parts with our configurator

Building a parts list for any automation project can be challenging. So let our AI-based configurator do it for you. Input your needs. Find your parts.

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