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Effective automation for
projects big and small.



Modular. Turnkey. Affordable.

Master your manufacturing with MalocherBot. Powered by LUNA OS

MalocherBot is modular automation designed with one thing im mind: your ROI.

Powered by the LUNA Automation Operating System, MalocherBot offers a complete system for commonly automated processes.

Setup in < 1 day. No coding. Just automation.

MalocherBot Models

From Palletizing to Bin Picking, MalocherBot is a master of manufacturing.

Discover MalocherBot models below.



Intelligently automated palletizing

MalocherBot Palletizing is a ready-to-use turnkey solution for palletizing. Available in four sizes and with a variety of cobots and industrial robots, there is a perfect MalocherBot Palletizing System for your needs.

MalocherBot Palletizing is adaptable and easy to use. Program new box dimensions/weights, create new pallet patterns and more - all via the intuitive user interface.



The smart grinding solution

MalocherBot grinding is your go-to solution for polishing, sanding, and grinding tasks.

Teaching new workpieces and sanding processes is easy thanks to the LUNA graphical interface. Particle removal via vacuum are also available and easily managed with LUNA.

Discover the smart way to grind, sand, and polish!

Machine Tending

Machine Tending

Rethink the way you load

Quickly and effectively automate machine tending with MalocherBot!

Whether your machine is new or old, MalocherBot offers the perfect turnkey solution for your production.

Fast set up, easy operation and rapid ROI are standard with MalocherBot.



Versatile picking for agile production

Be it Binpicking or Pick&Place, MalocherBot Picking is perfect for your application.

Fast, easy-to-program, and impressively accurate, MalocherBot Picking is the smart choice for all picking processes.

Operations and teaching all occurs over one unified, intuitive graphical interface. No programming required.

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