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AGS Automation PreciGrip Starter Set

The PreciGrip gripper construction kit from AGS Automation is the ideal way to get started building custom grippers for collaborative or non-collaborative automation solutions. When a workpiece is difficult to grab or manipulate, building a custom gripper is often the best – if not the only – solution. This PreciGrip construction makes gripper construction easier by providing a kit of compatible and commonly used gripper components.

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€840.00 - €1,397.60 excl. VAT.

From 100,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Everything you need in one box

Each Starter Set from AGS Automation comes with a diverse range of components and parts, allowing the user to build a vast array of solutions with a single, standard set. Everything needed to build a functioning gripper is contained in this AGS Starter Kit.

Different sizes for different needs

This AGS Automation Starter Set is available in four different sizes in order to better meet your needs. You can easily determine which set is for you by either checking the Excel sheets (download below) or talking to one of our consultants online.

Hose and fittings included

The Starter Set comes with all the necessary pneumatic fittings as well as a pneumatic hose.

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The AGS Automation PreciGrip Starter Set provides an excellent solution for those who need a custom gripping solution. This Starter Set contains a large variety of interchangeable parts allowing you to mix and match pieces as best meet your needs. This kit has been assembled based on AGS Automation's long experience in the field of customized gripping solutions. With Starter Sets from AGS, you don't have to settle, you can make sure you have the perfect gripper for the job.
Who's it for?
While standardized grippers today are more powerful and adaptable than ever before, many workpieces and applications still require a custom gripping solution. Building gripping solutions does not have to be difficult. With the AGS Automation PreciGrip Starter Set, you receive a kit including everything you need to build your own pneumatic gripper. All parts are interchangeable and intercompatible, allowing you quickly mix and match parts to build and test a solution specific to your own needs.
What's in the box
PreciGrip parts from gripper base plate to air hose with clamps, gripper arms, suction pads, gripper (gripper fingers and sprue cutters are not included) incl. plastic case.
The pictures shown above are only samples. The actual product may differ in the scope of delivery. You can find out the actual contents of your desired starter set by downloading the Excel lists (see right column).

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