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SCHUNK Application Kit MTB


SCHUNK MTB application kits enable quick and easy implementation of automated machine loading. The specific application kits take on the important key role of workpiece handling and workpiece clamping. They seamlessly fit into the machine environment.


0.81 kg


3.3 kg


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€1,910.00 - €5,350.00 excl. VAT.

From 200,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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The perfect match.

Due to the high application specialization of the application kits, you do not have to search long for a suitable solution. Use your time for more important things.

Increased productivity

You don't have an employee available for a third shift? Let the robot work for you.

Relieve employees

Protect your employees from dirty, dangerous and tedious tasks such as manual loading and cleaning operations.

Plug & work

The seamless integration of the components into the robot control system saves you from having to carry out extensive integration work.

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Payload3.3 kg
Weight0.81 kg
Dimension100 x 50 x 55 mm
Number of fingers2
Operating modePneumatic
Min. Operating Temperature5 °C
Max. Operating temperature90 °C
Typical Operating Pressure6 bar
Max. Operating Preasure8 bar
Stroke20 mm
Max. Gripforce660 N
Closing time0.07 s
Repeatability0.01 mm

Automated loading and unloading in just five steps: with the new MTB application kits, SCHUNK provides a convenient introduction to partial automation with cobots

The grippers and power vises included are perfectly adapted for use in chip removal machining and can be combined with robot-specific connection kits. This saves time during planning, enables up to 50 percent faster loading and unloading, and improves machine utilization.

Gripping and clamping from a single source

Depending on the space and task at hand, application kits are available with either single or double grippers. Each includes one or two universal grippers JGP-P with a blow-off nozzle and sealed valve box. Combining power vises with grippers from a single source makes commissioning particularly fast and easy. SCHUNK offers a third application kit for automated stationary workpiece clamping for this purpose. It includes the compact and low-maintenance PGS3 clamping force block with valve terminal, which can be directly mounted to the machine table via an integrated flange and, like the grippers, can be integrated into the robot control.

Product features


  • The sealed valve box makes the MTB application kits ideally suited for use in harsh cutting machine environments

  • The integrated blow-off nozzle in the gripper kits eases the pressure on employees when it comes to removing dirt and chips from the clamping vise and workpiece

  • The double gripper kit ensures maximum productivity as the machine can be loaded and unloaded in one step

Your added value

  • Saves time during the planning of the application

  • Improves machine utilization due to automation with the cobot

  • Eliminates the need for employees to do this dirty work

  • Productivity increases of up to 50% with the double gripper package


Put together the perfect kit for your needs! Choose between a single or double gripper from SCHUNK and add a power clamping block.

  • Single Gripper

    • Stroke per finger: 8 mm (JGP-P 80-1)

    • Stroke per finger: 10 mm (JGP-P 100-1)

  • Double gripper

    • Stroke per finger: 6 mm (JGP-P 64-1)

    • Stroke per finger: 8 mm (JGP-P 80-1)

  • Clamping Block

    • SCHUNK PGS3 100 (Stroke per jaw: 2 mm; Clamping force: 10 kN)

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