Robotiq 2F-85


900 g


5000 g

The Robotiq 2F-85 offers an adaptable two-finger gripping solution. With a stroke of 85 mm, a maximum gripping force of 230 N, a maximum payload of 5 kg, this gripper offers the ideal solution for those looking for an adaptive, multi-purpose end-of-arm tool. This gripper is ideally suited to low-volume/high changeover environment thanks to its ability to effectively grip a wide variety of pieces sizes and shapes.

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Robotiq 2-Finger grippers, like the 2F-85, are the ideal solution for any solution that requires variable gripper stroke. With the Robotiq 2F-85 gripper you can use the same gripper for a large variety of part sizes and shapes, all the way up to 85 mm in width. This kind of adaptive, dual finger set up is ideal for small batch/rapid changeover production. With the 2F-85 gripper from Robotiq, there is no need to change out the gripper to prepare for a new production run.

This reduces both set up and maintenance costs, as there are fewer hardware adjustments to be made between applications. Don’t build expensive and specialized single use tools, with the Robotiq 2-Finger gripper you have a gripper that can be a used again and again for a myriad of applciations.


5000 g
900 g
85 mm
230 N
Number of gripping elements


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