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PIAB Kenos KCS Gripper

The PIAB Kenos KCS gripper consists of a separate pump unit in which a modular vacuum generation and a gripper unit are integrated in a very small space. Both are connected by a quick-change system. The entire unit can be connected to all common Cobot models with a suitable adapter.

1 kg


8 kg

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€2,653.43 excl. VAT.

From 300,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Plug-and-Play - Compact and lightweight, the KCS has it all

The Kenos KCS pump unit already includes everything you need - the powerful vacuum components, sensor technology, silencer and optional valve technology. It requires only a single assembly and connection step to the cobot.

Small but powerful - pump unit with COAX SX cartridges

The ejector unit is equipped with Piab's latest generation COAX SX ejectors, which provide high performance even at low or fluctuating feed pressures. A small modification can double the suction power when processes change.

Quiet system, relaxed employees - thanks to the silencer

By reducing operating noise, the silencer provides a comfortable working environment with the lowest possible acoustic impact when the vacuum unit is in operation. The digital or analog vacuum sensor above the silencer provides the cobot with the "part present" signal when an object has been picked up.

The All-Rounder - Technical foam for a universal grip

The technical foam can easily adapt to almost any surface or shape. As a version with flow reduction, it handles products very gently while reliably holding them in motion. For direct food handling, the gripper can also be equipped with a special FDA-compliant silicone foam. To ensure the greatest possible flexibility when handling sensitive products, the general technical foam can be used as an intermediate layer.

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Payload8 kg
Weight1 kg
Dimension110 x 110 x 105 mm
Gripper TypeArea gripper
Min. Operating Temperature0 °C
Max. Operating temperature50 °C
Typical Operating Pressure7 bar
Supply voltage24 V
Nominal current0.17 A
Mounting InterfaceISO 9409-1

Discover the PIAB Kenos KCS gripper
For cobots to make processes more efficient, they need to be as flexible as possible. To support the growing cobot market, Piab has developed a unique end effector that can handle objects made of virtually any material, surface or shape. The PIAB Kenos KCS gripper is a jack-of-all-trades and offers unique flexibility in picking up objects. It enables a wide range of applications, eliminating the need for retooling. As a result, the cobot is ready for immediate use in a variety of processes, ensuring optimal use of its capacity. Coupled with time and cost savings achieved through shorter downtimes and the elimination of retooling, the Kenos KCS gripper enables a fast return on investment.

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