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Custom 3D-Printed Gripper

Custom 3D-Printed Grippers from Unchained Robotics are high-performance, reliable and quickly-built solutions for atypical gripping requirements. Based on your project or application, we develop and manufacture a custom gripper using our additive manufacturing process.

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€1,000.00 - €6,000.00 excl. VAT.

From 100,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Diese Lösungen werden genau nach deinen Vorgaben gedruckt, damit du sicher sein kannst, dass du deine Werkstücke immer perfekt im Griff hast.

Schnelle Konstruktion

Viele kundenspezifische Greiflösungen sind zeitaufwändig in der Herstellung und Vorbereitung. Diese individuelle Lösung kann innerhalb weniger Tage vorbereitet und gedruckt werden.


Viele 3D-gedruckte Lösungen basieren auf einer relativ schwachen Kunststoffkonstruktion. Nicht so bei dieser Lösung! Dieser Greifer wurde mit einem modernen 3D-Drucker aus Metall hergestellt.

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Custom 3D-Printed Grippers from Unchained Robotics Solutions.

We develop your individual gripper solution! 

You need an individual gripper and can't rely on a standard product to do the job? No problem! We develop robust and reliable grippers built specifically to your requirements and specifications. 

By using additive manufacturing technology, cost-effective one-off production is made possible. 

Here are just some of the advantages of our additive manufacturing process:

  • Functional integration and associated component reduction
  • Low assembly and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of leakage points
  • Integrated air supply, thereby reducing interference points 
  • Low weight due to topology-optimized design.

A choice of aluminum or plastic materials is available. The number and position of the suction cells can be freely selected. 

The gripper system can be combined with various vacuum generators and robot systems.  


The installation space and the associated maximum size of the gripper is 290 x 290 x 100 mm. Note that your components can of course have larger dimensions.


The price is based on the design effort and the build volume of the gripper. After we have taken your requirements, we will create your individual concept with an offer, which is in the mentioned price range.

Contact us and nothing will stand in the way of your individual gripper solution! 

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