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Coval CVGL

COVAL’s CVGL335XA50C1 vacuum gripper is specifically designed for simple and easy integration with UR robots. In a complete and compact package, it integrates all the functions required for handling products of different sizes, shapes and weights. With its gripping interface equipped with suction cups and its powerful pneumatic vacuum generator, the CVGL335XA50C1 performs by easily and safely gripping any loads of sorted parts in vertical handling.

3.12 kg


33 kg

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The CVGL suction gripperThe CVGL suction pad is designed for use in a collaborative environment. is designed for use in a collaborative environment.


The CVGL area gripper is designed to enable the picking and placing of one or multiple objects at once. This is made possible by its configurable suction areas.

Integrated Functions

Handling of parts with different sizes, shapes and weights. The CVGL also allows for staggered lifting and depositing.


The CVGL is capable of gripping objects either vertically or horizontally. Among other benefits, this versatility makes it possible to work in tighter spaces and with a greater variety of objects.


Thanks to its intuitive design, the CVGL is easy to install and operate

User friendly

The URCap plugin, specially developed for the CVGL, enables simplified installation and programming

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Payload33 kg
Weight3.12 kg
Dimension335 x 120 x 158 mm
Gripper TypeSuction Cup Gripper
Operating modePneumatic
Min. Operating Temperature0 °C
Max. Operating temperature50 °C
Typical Operating Pressure6 bar
Max. Operating Preasure8 bar
Max. vacuum85 %
Air flow380 l/min
Supply voltage24 V
Max. current0.125 A
Nominal current0.1 A
Communication1x Signal Vakuumniveau analog; 1x Schaltausgang "Objekt angesagt"
Circuit typePNP oder NPN
Mounting InterfaceISO 9409-1
Compressed air supplyISO 8573-1:2010
IP classificationIP40

With the CVGL series, COVAL introduces a universal solution to the vacuum gripper: flexible, simple and economical. Handling parts of various sizes, shapes and weights is no longer a complex, costly and time-consuming task.
With a single CVGL module, robots can easily and effectively grip a variety of surface types.

CVGL vacuum grippers can create independent gripping zones, guaranteeing optimization of vacuum management (increased vacuum level, reduced leaks and energy consumption).

. Staggered grip/release points.

. Management of formats to be handled.

. Pallet Layer Optimization.

. Simple or multiple grip/release points.
As each multi-zone application is different, we will work with you to determine the best configuration for your process.
Ultra-light and compact design
The main design objective of the new CVGL vacuum gripper was to minimize space and weight, while maintaining a highly modular configuration, in order to better meet the needs of robotic applications.
Thanks to COVAL's new aluminium profile, the CVGL vacuum grippers fully meet this objective. The ultra-thin profile allows for easy integration on robots.

This new profile integrates the vacuum connections on the upper part, which provides greater compactness, as well as a T-slot on the side for mounting additional accessories (sensors,...).
The technologies and materials used in the design of the CVGL vacuum gripper considerably reduce the on-board weight. This makes the CVGL the benchmark in its field, allowing smaller robots to be used, decreasing space requirements and footprint and thereby optimizing overal process efficiency.
Technical details of the Coval CVGL335XA50C1 gripper.
Dimension (D) - 335x120mm

Robot mounting interface (Fix) - ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6

Connection (Cx) - M8 - socket 8-pin

Weight () - 3.12KG

Vacuum flow (aa) - 63SCFM

Air consumption (ca) - 13.3SCFM

Maximum load (Ch.m) - 33KG
The CVGL series area grippers offer a unique solution for handling products in various industrial sectors: Packaging, plastic, metal, glass, concrete/stone, composites, wood....

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