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SoftGripping 4 Finger Parallel SoftGripper

The pneumatically driven elastic gripper from SoftGripping enables simple, robust and very sensitive actions. The soft and adaptive surfaces of the SoftGripper are ideal for error-tolerant handling and the safe cooperation with people. The bundle essentially consists of three parts: the End–of–Arm Tooling basic kit with 4 fingers, a control box to control the fingers and the matching set of hoses, manifolds and screws.

0.2 kg


0.6 kg

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€1,708.00 excl. VAT.

From 200,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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All components are modular and therefore interchangeable. The SoftGripping fingers can be exchanged within seconds.

Changing conditions

A large number of different products are processed in logistics. The perfect gripper must be flexible, robust, and fault tolerant. With SoftGripping you can design the right gripper for the job.

Food Handling

Special silicones and a simple design allow for the hygienic handling of food. Cleaning the grippers is extremely easy. Soft food is gripped sensitively.


Attach your SoftGripping gripper to a Cobot and easily create a safe and collaborative interface between man and machine.

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Weight0.2 kg
Payload0.6 kg
Number of Gripping Elements4
Force14 N
Stroke90 mm

This package is designed to get your SoftGripper from SoftGripping up and running in no time. It contains a pneumatic accessory kit to operate the SoftGripper with a Festo solenoid valve and a pressure regulator to control the pressure. The magnetic valve can provide two positions: gripping and releasing. Of course, all necessary hoses, connections, and screws are also included. Please note that the connection on the SoftGripper is ISO 9404-1-31.5-2-M5. 

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