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inbolt GuideNOW

inbolt GuideNOW is a real-time 3D vision and AI-driven robot guidance system that enables robots to locate workpieces (static and moving) and adjust their path in real-time, eliminating fixturing, indexing and integration costs. Increase your efficiency with fast and flexible automation of picking, clamping, inspection and gluing tasks!

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€18,800.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Real-time workpiece localization & tracking

inbolt GuideNOW is powered by the fastest workpiece localization and tracking algorithm on the market (reaction time >80ms)

Easy set-up and programming

The system and new workpiece reference can be set-up by anyone in less than 30 minute with our built-in CAD model based programming software: GuideNOW Studio.

Robust to any factory condition

3D camera technology used by GuideNOW and high performance localization algorithm make the solution extremely resilient to lighting conditions.

Improved flexibility

GuideNOW enhances robotic installation flexibility by reducing the need of custom tooling and indexing system, allowing fast production changeover and reduced tooling cost.

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inbolt GuideNOW represents a groundbreaking leap in real-time robot guidance, seamlessly integrating 3D vision and AI. Powered by a 3D camera affixed to the robot, it harnesses the power of a real-time workpiece localization AI, fortified by GuideNOW Studio—an intuitive web app for the AI training.

At its core lies a cutting-edge 3D matching vision technology that swiftly processes extensive 3D data, identifying workpiece position and orientation with remarkable efficiency. This dynamic technology instantaneously adapts the robot's trajectory.

inbolt's GuideNOW solution isn't just transformative; it's cost-effective, too. By unlocking automation's potential instructured, semi-structured, and unstructured environments, it slashes automation expenses and enables flexibility. One of the advantages of the inbolt vision-based solution is its accessibility. Programming GuideNOW is a breeze, achievable in a mere three steps and under 30 minutes—no complex computer vision skills required.

inbolt isn't just a solution; it's the gateway to effortless automation across a spectrum of processes. Whether it's automating picking, handling, assembly, or non-destructive testing processes, inbolt GuideNOW technology inserts it self in all production environments—be it a continuous moving line or fixed cellular work station. The solution is compatible with UR Cobots aswell as with ABB Cobots and industrial robots. inbolt develops additional robot integrations according to customer requirements.

GuideNOW isn't just redefining robotics—it's reimagining it. Their fusion of AI and 3D vision empowers industries to achieve new heights of efficiency, simplicity, and versatility.

Note: Price includes 3 years of support and software updates.

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