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FRAMOS D455e Starter Kit - Unchained Robotics
FRAMOS D455e Starter Kit - Unchained Robotics
FRAMOS D455e Starter Kit - Unchained Robotics
FRAMOS D455e Starter Kit - Unchained Robotics
FRAMOS D455e Starter Kit - Unchained Robotics
FRAMOS D455e Starter Kit - Unchained Robotics
FRAMOS D455e Starter Kit - Unchained Robotics
FRAMOS D455e Starter Kit - Unchained Robotics

FRAMOS D455e Starter Kit

The FRAMOS D455e starter kit is ideal for getting started with 3D image processing. It contains everything needed to get started (data and power cables, etc.) and allows the D455e to be up and running in less than an hour. Based on Intel RealSense technology, this camera offers 2D and 3D IR vision options as well as robust protection against harsh environments.

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Max. Operating Distance

520 - 10,000 mm


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€899.00 - €1,049.00 excl. VAT.

From 100,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Intel® RealSense™ SDK

The FRAMOS version of the Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0 provides almost the entire functionality of the original for the D400e cameras and enables the use of existing codes/applications that were written for the USB version. In addition, the FRAMOS SDK version enables parallel operation of D400e cameras and USB variants.

Industrial protection class IP66 dust and waterproof

Thanks to its robust design, the FRAMOS D455e can also be used in sub-optimal conditions. In particular, the camera can work in damp and dusty conditions where many other cameras would fail. The more robust housing enables a longer operating time and a wider range of applications.

Long cable, lots of freedom

With cable lengths of up to 100 metres, the D455e offers the user great freedom in terms of positioning, thus solving a problem with USB cameras that are restricted by short cable lengths. In addition, the camera can be operated via the lockable, industrial-grade M12 Ethernet connection using Power over Ethernet (PoE) with just one cable for data exchange and power supply. Alternatively, a dedicated power supply is possible via the lockable, industrial-grade M8 connection and a GPIO contact is available for external synchronisation or triggering of the camera.

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Field of view86
Min. Operating Distance520 mm
Max. Operating Distance10,000 mm
Max. FPS30
Resolution1280 x 720
IP classificationIP66

The FRAMOS D455e starter kit contains the camera itself, an M12 to RJ45 Ethernet cable and an M8 power cable with plug. It is used to quickly commission and test the camera.

The FRAMOS D455e industrial depth camera is equipped with Intel® RealSense™ technology. The depth camera has industrial M12 Ethernet and M8 power supply connections and offers a wide field of view for depth and RGB sensors. Its waterproof and dustproof housing is optimised for industrial environments. The FRAMOS Industrial Depth Camera D455e is ideal for OEMs and integrators who require both 3D and 2D vision in their products and applications. The global shutter sensors enable applications with fast movements. The Intel® RealSenseTM D450 depth module used in the camera increases the distance between the depth sensors to 95 mm, which improves the depth error to less than 2% at 4 metres.

To improve the RGB image and the correspondence between depth and RGB image, the RGB sensor is equipped with a global shutter and adapted to the depth FOV with a field of view of 86°.

The FRAMOS Industrial Depth Camera D455e is compatible with the cross-platform Intel® RealSense™ Device SDK, which provides multiple programming languages, wrappers, sample code and tools.

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