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With an enormous range of products from leading brands, the Unchained Marketplace helps you find the perfect solution to your specific needs.

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The possibility to see prices “at a glance” and thus at least get a guideline has now improved significantly. Unchained Robotics GmbH, which started as an image processing start-up for robotics, now also operates a shop. This shop lists cobots from Universal Robots, Omron, Doosan, Yuanda and Denso, including prices, and thus offers a fairly broad spectrum.

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Whether you want our help with the integration or would rather “do it yourself,” we’ve got your back. Get a price estimate in just a couple of clicks and an official offer within 24 hours.

With our engineering support
Search for suitable solutions
Discover and compare various products for your automation project on our Marketplace. If you don't find everything you need, just get in touch!
Get in touch
Send us an inquiry through our Marketplace or simply message us on LiveChat. We respond within minutes during working hours.
Determine project requirements
Together we take a deep dive into your project requirements to better understand your needs and build an ideal solution. We'll need pictures and videos of the workplace and the process to be automated (if possible). We'd also be happy to visit you on site to discuss the finer points of the project.
Build the foundation
After analyzing the process from the ground up, we'll build the catalog of requirements. This serves as the basis of the order and summarizes all the key points of the joint project.
Visualize the result
We build a 3D simulation of the automated process to help give you the full picture. See how it looks and how it works before ordering.

All done. Time to start enjoying the benefits of automation!

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