Intelligent image processing for flexible automation technology

Intelligent automation technology reduces manufacturing costs, increases productivity and is cost-effective in maintenance and adaptation to new processes in logistics and electronic manufacturing.

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About us

Unchained Robotics releases industrial automation technology from the constraints of rigid structures by using revolutionary image processing technology. With the potential of artificial intelligence, we help to design automation technology investments for several adaptable processes. Variant diversity, product launches or simple process changes can be detected and automatically processed by our intelligent image processing. 3D information serves to solve pick & place, bin picking, sorting tasks and quality inspections. Our software operates independently of robot or camera manufacturers.

  • Pick & Place

  • Sorting

  • Quality assurance

  • Intelligent detection
    of objects

  • Analysis of 3D object information

  • Intelligent automation solutions

Plug and Play

Simplicity, continuity and quality characterise our systems. We take over the installation and implementation for you. The solution will be sent as a plug-and-play solution, or if you wish, we will adapt and install it on site.


Applications of intelligent automation technology are flexible, safe and cost-efficient. From small components in electrical engineering to large packages in logistics can be automated flexibly. Our solutions inspire through simplicity and carefree use!

High Speed

Do without oversized solutions with long cycle times and countless scans. Intelligent image processing technology provides all necessary information in milliseconds.

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Ein Beitrag über die Founders Foundation und ntv!    

Palletizing software

The flexible palletizing solution from Unchained Robotics celebrates its premiere!

Unchained International

Die COMPUTEX in Taipeh ist die größte Leitmesse für Elektronik in Asien.

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Automated palletizing

With the image processing software AVA, Unchained Robotics has managed to analyze and document all logistics process steps in the final shipping process. The automatic 3D detection of the cartons dramatically shortens the adaptation of the robot when changing products. You can bring new products to the final dispatch at any time without reprogramming the automation technology. The barcode scanner can also be used to scan the shipment tracking. In this way all information about the package (measurement, weight, pallet location, delivery) is stored for uniform data transparency.

Who we are

Bashar Tomeh

Machine Vision Engineer & Partner

Dario Esser

Dario Esser

Sales Engineer

Kevin Freise

Kevin Freise

CTO & Robot Specialist

Anton Veynshter

Anton Veynshter

CTO & Machine Vision Specialist

Mladen Milicevic

Mladen Milicevic


Michael Diesendorf

Michael Diesendorf

Robotics & Simulation Specialist

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We help you to efficiently automate your production with future-proof technology for further tasks. Feel free to contact our experts to clarify any open questions!