Omron FHV7H

Field of view


Working distance

50 - 2000 mm

The new FHV7 Series Smart Camera with illumination and image processing functionality for enhanced visual inspections announced. Featuring the world’s first multi-color light and an excellent high-resolution 6-megapixel camera, only one FHV7 Series Smart Camera is needed to perform high-precision visual inspections on a highly mixed production line.

4.082,00 excl. VAT


The FHV7 Smart Camera is an all-in-one camera with the functionalities of the high-spec vision system FH Series packed in its compact, robust body that is easy to deploy.It provides almost all inspection and measurement functions of the FH Series, and allows for easier image inspections of matching quality, even in processes where inspection had previously been omitted due to restrictions in durability, space, and system deployment time.


Own weight
670 g
Field of view
Working distance
50 – 2000 mm
Light type
Infrared light
Barcode type
Image resolution
3072 x 2048 px
Camera system
Quality control
Max. Read rate
20 Hz
Opening angle


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