Engineering Starter Kit Pro – 48 Hours

This starter kit includes 48 engineering hours and is intended for more complex projects. Based on your idea, we will create initial designs and sketches in the form of a 3D model, we will define the most important requirements in collaboration with you and thus create the perfect starting point for cost estimates and the planning of further steps in the project. In addition, we offer simple cycle time and sequence simulations, as well as the necessary layout of the robot and parts to be purchased. We also provide general layouts to determine the processes and the space requirements.

3.800,00 excl. VAT


Do you need a robot station or even a whole plant? Are you planning to automate but don’t know what the complete system should look like? Is the whole thing worth it and which components are the right ones for us? If it is no longer enough to just buy a robot and a gripper, we can show you the right way with our Engineering Starter Kits.

Let us lay the foundation of your project! We offer 2 types of Starter Kits, 24h and 48h. The 24h Starter Kit is perfect for small projects and single robot cells. While the 48h Pro Kit is for more complex installations and consequently entails more planning and engineerings services.

Engineering Starter Kit Pro – 48h.

For larger projects, machines, plants and automation.

    • Define project scope and requirements
    • Determine functional scope
    • Basis for accurate cost calculation
    • Determine required purchased parts
    • Operability, feasibility

Note: The listed hours are not total hours required for the finalization of the overall project, these starter kits are rather to help you get to know our way of working and simplify the start of your project.


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