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Smooth Robotics SmoothTool

The Smooth Robotics SmoothTool is an easy-to-use cobot welding package for Universal Robots that helps your welding robot deliver the perfect result – by learning from you. SmoothTool is UR+ certified and works with both the Universal Robots CB-series and the e-series robot arms. The package consists of a programming flange (hardware) and a URcap (Software) and enables advanced welding functionality for the UR arm. The welding software provides an intuitive no-code programming interface, that lets you teach the robot by hand using the free-drive button on the programming flange.

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€6,000.00 - €12,900.00 excl. VAT.

From 600,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Power source agnostic

SmoothTool can be set up with any kind of power source via I/O integration or callback functions.

Interactive 3D universe

Visualize and edit your welding path in SmoothTools 3D universe.

Easy no-code programming

Everybody who knows how to use a smartphone can learn to generate complex welds with SmoothTool within a couple of hours.

Advanced welding features

The SmoothTool software enables advanced welding features - such as Customizable weaving patterns, stitch welding, multipass welding, offset functionality, and more.

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Programming a welding robot used to be a very complex task that used to require an in-house robot programmer or a costly visit from the local system integrator. With SmoothTool from Smooth Robotics, this is no longer the case. The intuitive no-code welding software lets you teach the robot by hand using the free-drive button on the programming flange. You can easily combine linear and circular segments to build complex welding paths and add customized weaving patterns with the click of a button.

The software comes with several integrated power source options that allow you to control power source settings and change parameters at any point of your program – These include power source series from Fronius, Esab, Kemppi, EWM, and more. You are not limited to these power sources when using SmoothTool as the software also supports integration through I/O and callback functions. This means that you can connect SmoothTool with whatever kind of power source you like.

The team at Smooth Robotics is dedicated to the creation of the perfect welding software with a unique mix of programming skills and welding experience as the foundation. The SmoothTool software is developed in close collaboration with welders and experts in welding technology and is continuously updated and maintained and new features are introduced based on feedback from the users.

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Smooth Robotics Product Catalog (EN)

Download the Smooth Robotics Product Catalog (EN) here!

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Smooth Robotics Smooth Tool STEP File

Download the Smooth Robotics Smooth Tool STEP File here!

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