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Spin Robotics SD35 with an OMRON cobot - Screwdriving demo

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Omron TM5-900

€28,730.00 excl. VAT.
Spin Robotics SD35 Schraubendreher auf einem Universal Robots UR Cobothttps://uploads.unchainedrobotics.de/media/products/Product_images2Fspinrobotics-sd35-RS-2_e408c7fe.png

Spin Robotics SD35

€9,982.00 - €12,174.00 excl. VAT.
See the SD35 automated screwdriver from Spin Robotics in action! Combined with a modern cobot from OMRON, the SD35 can handle screwdriving tasks with ease.

The Spin Robotics SD35 is an easy-to-use, automated screwdriving tool.

Combine an OMRON TM Cobot with a Spin Robotics SD35 for a reliable and user-friendly screwdriving solution.

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