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Deburring without code with the Nordbo Mimic Kit and a UR Cobot
Deburring is a repetitive and often dull task. This makes a it a great candidate for automation. However this kind of task can also be laborious to program due to all of the different movements involved in deburring one object.

This doesn't have to be the case! Discover the potential of the Nordbo Mimic Kit combined with a UR cobot.

In this example use case we see just how easy it can be to debur a complicated object. What would have once been a laborious programming task can now be taught in minutes with the Nordbo Mimic Kit.

With the Nordbo Mimic Kit, UR cobots can be taught through simple mimicry - greatly reducing the time spent programming and making making the cobots much easier to redeploy for new tasks.

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