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Collaborative Robots, Cobots, Automation

Cobots made for Human Centric Agile Manufacturing

Founded in 2013 as Smokie Robotics, the company became AUBO Robotics in 2016. AUBO Robotics manufactures innovative, lightweight collaborative robots (Cobot). Established in 2015, AUBO is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the research & development, production, and sales of collaborative robots.

The company was developed in collaboration by three PhD professors from the U.S. and China with the goal of building the next generation of lightweight and intelligent collaborative robots. As a global leading provider of collaborative robots, AUBO's products have successively passed the certification of EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (PL=d, CAT 3), ISO 10218, CE, UL, KCs, CR, SEMI S2 etc. AUBO has developed collaborative robots with complete intellectual property rights, realizing full localization of core parts. Featured by safety, stability and simple programming, the products are widely applied in the fields such as 3C, automobile, hardware and household appliances, sanitary appliances for kitchens and bathrooms, medical health, scientific research and education, catering, new retail, chemical products for daily use, and logistics. AUBO has set up an excellent technical research and development team, declared 2 projects under the National Key R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and organized to formulate 3 national standards. Looking forward to the future, with the body of collaborative robot as the core and ecological products as the link, AUBO will provide customers with “plug and play” one-stop solutions, build an ecological innovation system of the robot industry, and collaborate the upstream and downstream enterprises to boost the development of the collaborative robot industry.

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