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Assembly of medical tubing with the DH Robotics AG-95 and a cobot from AUBO Robotics

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Foto des DH Robotics AG-95 Greifershttps://uploads.unchainedrobotics.de/media/products/Product_images2FDH-Robotics-AG-95-RS-3_773e57ca.png

DH Robotics AG-95

€3,650.00 excl. VAT.
Mittelgroßer AUBO i5 Cobot auf weißem Hintergrundhttps://uploads.unchainedrobotics.de/media/products/Product_images2FAUBO-i5-RS2-new_cf45acc4.png

AUBO Robotics i5

€18,000.00 excl. VAT.
This AUBO i-Series cobot masters this assembly task thanks to the dexterous and easy-to-use DH Robotics AG-95 gripper.

DH Robotics is a Chinese manufacturer of high-quality gripping tools designed for both collaborative and industrial applications. They offer a wide range of gripper types and styles and provide simple and easy-to-use plug-ins for most major cobot brands.

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