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The Return of Investment (ROI) calculator gives you a rough
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Total System Cost
Robot system price (€)
Number of robots
Operations Costs
Total cost of operating the process, line, or workstation that you are considering automating.
Current Process
Workers per shift
Total operators
Annual employee compensation
Total labor cost
Robotic Solution
Robot operators per shift
Total operators
Annual employee compensation (€)
Total labor cost
Estimated Electrical Cost
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Your Estimated Net Cost Savings
Breakeven Point
Disclaimer: These are estimated figures and do not take in to consideration: Inflation, Cost of Living Raises, Operating Cost of the Robotic System, Maintenance, etc. Actual return may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to run an ROI calculation but don’t have a current project quote on hand, we’d be happy to give you one (no commitment required!). Just email us here or chat with us by clicking on the icon in the bottom righthand corner of the screen.
Simply describe your project or idea and we will give you an idea of what such a project might cost and how feasible it is.

Total System Cost is the quoted cost for the purchase, installation, and programming of the automation solution, as well as any included initial training costs for operators. This is not cost per robot. It is the total project cost. The number of robots is important to the calculation of electricity costs.

Electricity costs are calculated by taking the average cost of electricity in Germany (Bei more than 100.000 kWh/year ca. 0,10ct/Kwh) and multiplying it by the average energy consumption of a collaborative robot (ca 350W). For smaller robots (think laboratory robots) consumption could be quite a bit lower and for palletizing robots a bit higher.

This is a general estimate. The idea is to help get an idea of how much you could be saving by automating a given task. That is to say that the number you will receive is not exact, but it should give you a good idea of whether or not a proposed solution makes sense. The biggest source of variance is electricity consumption and price which depend on your potential robot and your location.

If you would like a more exact, we’d be happy to provide you one for free. We’d need the above information (total project costs, number of robots, operator costs, savings on reduced labor, etc.), as well as information regarding which robots you intend to use, local electricity costs, etc.

Email us here or get in touch by clicking the chat icon in the bottom righthand corner and we’d be more than happy to give you a more in-depth ROI estimate.

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