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Industry Devices PART X 1 flexible feeder


Industry Devices PART X 1 is the middle of the three flexible feeders of the PART X product family, marking the current state of flexible feeding technology. It features a robust, conveyorless design with very gentle parts handling thanks to the first-in-first-out principle. PART X 1 allows for the easy orientation and separation of components ranging from 5 to 60 mm in size.

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€9,720.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Industry Devices' flexible feeding systems are used to meet the ongoing challenges of high-mix manufacturing processes. Part changeover can be as simple as a click of a button, offering customers a cost-effective alternative to traditional systems, saving time and costs.


Simple installation and easy-to-use and intuitive programming within the feeding solutions enables Industry Devices' customers to master the technology completely independently.


PART X product family is compatible with a variety of different parts, regardless of geometry, material, or surface texture, proving advantageous especially where production is subject to permanent changes.

Automatic solutions

A vision system is used to automatically determine part orientation, eliminating expensive fixed tooling for part feeding.

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Industry Devices' Flexible feeder solutions provide the customer with a new aspect of automated production systems. They enable companies to perform faster changeover of more types of parts—so they can successfully meet the ongoing challenges of high-mix manufacturing. The appeal of flexible feeders is universal and unique - a result of being used by manufacturers of all sizes in all industries.

How it works

Part X Vibration technology separates and orientates parts for robot picking. Camera with Vision software locates the correctly orientated parts and sends coordinates to the robot. Additionally, the integrated Vision system detects and adjusts the number of parts inside the flexible feeder.

The PART X product family can be integrated with any vision system and any robot to build a fully automated parts feeding solution. Improved part positioning is achieved due to our enhanced and upgraded vibration actuators. With its cutting-edge technology, PARTX allows parts to be moved in all directions, eliminating the problem of parts accumulating in a corner or on an edge.

This model is optimized to handle parts, ranging from 5 to 60mm in size. All PART X models are compatible with a variety of different parts, regardless of geometry, material, or surface texture.

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Industry Devices PART X 1 flexible feeder User Manual (EN)

Download the User Manual (EN) for the Industry Devices PART X 1 flexible feeder here!

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Industry Devices PART X 1 flexible feeder STEP file

Download the Industry Devices PART X 1 flexible feeder STEP file here!

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