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linrob 7th Axis RE2

€16,400.00 - €32,600.00 excl. VAT.

linrob 7th Axis RE3

€18,400.00 - €35,800.00 excl. VAT.

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Linear Axes, Linear Robots

Simply better robotics

linrob is a leading manufacturer of innovative linear axes and linear robots. Their products offer companies and manufacturers innovative solutions for a wide range of tasks.

What makes linrob tick LINEARROBOTICS FROM EXPERTS AND MAKERS A conventional jointed-arm robot is frequently not sufficient for many industrial applications. Due to the decades of experience of our two managing directors in complex mechanical mechanical engineering, coupled with the knowledge of the problems and hurdles that can arise in production processes with industrial robots, in 2019, we asked ourselves the question:

What if? If Linear robotics were simply better aligned with the needs and challenges in industry, production and manufacturing?

If processes were simpler and more effective?

We began to develop a solution that did not require a higher-level measurement technology is needed to achieve the required high-precision kinematics. achieved. Our solution had to be lean, efficient and easy to use and operate. Looks impossible at first glance? We have managed to simply combine all these components in our linrob in our linrob.

The result is a linear robot that covers all areas of large-format automation.

Decades of experience in robotics and automation Thanks to the also decades of experience in the management of internationally operating companies, Andreas Köck and Rainer Lott have succeeded in

have succeeded in adapting the technology from special-purpose machine construction and in developing a agile linear robot in series production, which is feasible for small and medium-sized and medium-sized companies.

In the meantime we have our own production to be able to react even more efficient and faster to react to current situations. With the help of our partners partners and investors, linrob Linear Robots and its employees are constantly employees, are constantly evolving.

We focus on digitality and innovation, think processes disruptive and straightforward, are precise and at the same time flexible, courageous and cooperative.

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