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Who we are

Founded in 2019 and based in Paderborn, Germany, Unchained Robotics is on a mission to simplify and accelerate industrial automation.

Our Mission

At Unchained Robotics, we believe that automation technology is way ahead of adoption. We have the technology to automate millions of boring, dangerous and dirty processes. And yet many of these processes remain manually operated – even in countries facing severe labor shortages.

We believe that this is because the process of going from problem to implemented solution is too slow, too complicated, and too opaque. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why it’s our mission to bring industrial automation to the millions of businesses in Europe who need it but haven’t taken the plunge.

It’s automation, simplified.

The values that drive us

A business is defined by its values. Here are ours.


We care about finding the best solution for your problem, not just a solution.
We are always upfront about prices, product specifications, and alternatives


We are working to make every part of the automation process better. From finding the perfect product to final installation.


Our relationship doesn’t end when the project is finished. We take pride in our relationships with customers and our commitment to customer service.

Our Products


The configurator is an online tool which allows users to build and price automation solutions simply by inputting the project parameters. The product list is generated by specially developed algorithms. The results include real prices for the parts, and you can be sure that they will work together.

Great for: Initial stages of a project, exploring ideas, getting cost estimates

Featured On

The ability to see prices “right off the bat” and thus at least get a ballpark figure has now improved significantly. This shop lists cobots from Universal Robots, Omron, Doosan, Yuanda and Denso, including prices, and thus offers a fairly broad spectrum.
— MRK-blog.de

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Chat with us

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