Our Mission

Automation doesn’t have to be complex, static, and expensive.

With Unchained Robotics you can find solutions for the simple, flexible automation of manufacturing processes.

History & Motivation

Don’t get left behind by pioneers abroad.

The idea for Unchained Robotics was born during a stay in China, where Mladen Milicevic noticed how many robots there have already been quickly and easily integrated into companies in various industries. At the same time, Anton Veynshter and Kevin Freise were studying robotics and image processing at Fraunhofer IEM. The three agreed: Although Cobots have already made robotics more easily accessible, there was still a lack of transparency and insight in the market. This is how the idea – and the name – for Unchained Robotics came about. 

The basic idea is to take a different approach to finding solutions than has been the case up to now: system solutions take away the customer’s greatest concerns when it comes to stability, safety, and costs. One should be able to get robot applications off the shelf that can be flexibly adapted for one’s own company. 

That’s how we started to turn rocket science into a simple tool: in our own complete solutions, we combined our extensive knowledge and equipped it with intelligent image processing. Now we want to share this know-how with our customers and develop more solutions on our platform. 

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