HCR-A Starter Kit

Automation is expensive, complicated and time-consuming? Not with the Hanwha HCR A – Starter Kit!
Dive into automation with the Hanwha HCR-A Starter Kit. With this compact and flexible automation unit you have the possibility to implement various standard applications easily, quickly and effectively.

Choose the perfect Hanwha HCR-A cobot for your process and necessary gripper, and automation is made easy. The mobile pedestal gives you the option of integrating your Starter Kit exactly where its needed. When process changes, the Hanwha HCR-A Starter Kit can be easily changed with it.


28.000,0035.000,00 excl. VAT


With the Hanwha HCR-A Starter Kit, automating a process becomes significantly easier. The Starter Kits consists of a solid but easy-to-move pedestal, a collaborative robot Hanwha (HCR5 or HCR12) and a gripping system optionally. The Hanwha HCR-A Starter Kit comes complete with a gripper (either electic or pneumatic, from OnRobot, Robotiq, PHD, or Freise).

With gripper, robot, and base all tied seamlessly together, the HCR-A Starter Kit provides the ideal basis for an automation solution. Further, the Starter Kit provides ample room for expansion and customization to fit your needs.

From Pick&Place to dispensing and from assembly to palletizing and machine loading – with the Hanwha HCR-A Starter Kit you are well equipped to optimize, improve, and automate your processes. The Starter Kit excels thanks to the intuitive Hanwha HCR-A cobot, the flexible and mobile compact automation unit, and the low investment costs. With the Hanwha HCR-A Starter Kit, automation is within reach!

Contents of the Starter Kit:
1x HCR Cobot
1x Hose package
1x Gripper – OnRobot (RG2, 2FG7, VGC10, VG10) / Robotiq (Hand E) / PHD (PneuConnect) / Freise (vacuum gripper)
1x Mobile Pedestal – Made by Freise (includes space for the controller and holes on the pedestal for additional, rubberized handles, rollers, level for alignment)

Freise HCR-A Starter Kit in action!


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