OnRobot Screwdriver

Own weight

2500 g


150 g

With the new intelligent OnRobot Screwdriver for light industrial and collaborative robots, you can easily automate the assembly process. Intelligent error detection and handling of multiple screw sizes ensures consistent results and dramatically reduces your cycle times. 

5.770,00 excl. VAT


Automated bolting to increase productivity and quality has never been easier, smarter or more cost effective. The intelligent OnRobot Screwdriver speeds up setup and programming. Everything you need is ready to go. Simply attach the Screwdriver to any robot arm and install the appropriate bit. Then enter the screw length and torque into the robot’s user interface. 


Accurate torque control and embedded axis control reduce the time and cost of integration. It also ensures constant and precise screw insertion. Changing to a different screw type or size takes just minutes, reduces downtime, and increases payback. The OnRobot Screwdriver and available screw feeders can work with a wide range of screw sizes, from M1.6 to M6 and up to 50 mm long. Precise torque control ranges from 0.15 to 5 Nm. More versatile and intelligent than conventional tools, the OnRobot Screwdriver can detect if the screw has been picked up, if the length is correct, and if it has been correctly inserted during tightening. The OnRobot Screwdriver includes protection features that make it suitable for collaborative applications. Screws up to 35 mm in length can be fully inserted into the Screwdriver when it is in motion. 


The safety stop is automatically activated when a screw is subjected to excessive force along its axis and an alarm light indicates the problem. 


Introducing the OnRobot Screwdriver


150 g
2500 g
20 mm
200 N
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