SKDK APC-15 / APC-35

This is a simple yet smart palletizing system which, thanks to its intuitive and straightforward setup process, can be flexibly deployed to any location and tailored to any palletizing task even if the operator has no programming experience. All that is required is a three-phase power connection and a compressed air supply. The patented system can be packed up for transport in just a few steps (requiring no tools) and can be set up again just as quickly at the new location. The APC-15 can handle up to 7 packages per minute with a maximum package weight of up to 11kg can be palletized. If heavier packages are being handled, an upgraded variant is available with a max package weight of 35kg.


110.000,00131.000,00 excl. VAT


This patented turnkey palletizing system can be transported wherever it is needed using a standard pallet truck. No programming knowledge is required t oquickly set it up at the workstation! Simply use the intuitive setup wizard, which independently determines the pickup and palletizing positions thanks to state-of-the-art 3D technology and the attached QR codes. To obtain the necessary pallet stability, up to two alternating palletizing patterns can be placed one after the other by hand while the robot records and learns the patterns automatically.

This system is available in two variants whch can palletize packages up to 11kg or 35kg, depending on the robot used. Since collaborative robots are used in this palletizing solution, there is of course no need for a costly enclosure. If the cobot accidentally touches an object or a person during operation, it stops immediately and can resume its work at the push of a button.

Introducing the SKDK APC-15



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