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Lorenscheit Flex Series Palletizer

The Flex Series Palletizer from Lorenscheit Automation Technology is an all-in-one palletizing solution combining a cobot, a vacuum gripper and Lorenscheit’s proprietary software. This complete solution allows you to easily automate your end-of-line packing. With the Universal Robots UR10e and an additional vertical axis, packages weighing up to 7.5 kg can be palletized to heights up to 2.20 m.

Die hauseigene Software ermöglicht es Ihnen einfach das Gesamtsystem in Betrieb zu nehmen und stetig um weitere Produkte zu erweitern. Der Palletizer wird in drei unterschiedlichen Varianten angeboten.
€84,270.00 - €89,030.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Plug & Produce

You get a plug & produce solution that includes everything you need. You you won't have to worry about design, commissioning and security.

Palletizing up to 7.5 kg

The Universal Robots UR10e boasts an impressive reach and payload and offers you substantial flexibility in palletizing packages up to 7.5kg.

Working height of up to 2.20 m

With the additional, motor-driven 7th axis, packages can be stacked up to a height of 2.20 m. Work at the height you want so you can make use of every centimeter of space.

Whether collaborative, coexistent or conventional

The three variants of the Flex Series Palletizer leave nothing to be desired. Optimize the application to your liking and choose the variant that best suits your process

Easy-to-use Software

The Flex Series Palletizer software allows you to configure palletizing patterns and products in just a few clicks. No programming knowledge is required to use this robotic solution. Thanks to this simple and easy-to-use software, changes can be implemented in just minutes.

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Lorenscheit Flex Series Palettierer in Betrieb

The Lorenscheit Flex Series palletizer is the smart way to automate palletizing!

If you are looking for a flexible palletizing solution, here you'll find an all-round carefree package. The Flex Series Palletizer is delivered as a turnkey solution. Depending on the variant, the robot, frame, gripper, safety technology and software are prepared for you and installed on site.

Variant 1: Flex Series Palletizer for collaborative operation

The Palletizer system is offered as a complete system for collaborative operation. It consists of the basic frame including the seventh axis, robot, gripper and presence sensors. Allong with status lights, cable management and additional software, you get a fully functional system ready for palletizing. The intuitively designed solution palletizes packages up to 7.5 kg. As a user, you decide on speed and working heights and, most importantly, enjoy an excellent price-performance ratio!

Variant 2: Upgraded Flex Series Palletizer for higher speeds 

By adding an additional safety package to the system, you no longer have to worry about working heights and speeds. An area safety scanner detects approaching workers and secures robot operation against collisions. This allows you to get the most out of your application including CE declaration of conformity from the manufacturer.

Variant 3: Palletizer with safety enclosure

Secure your Palletizer with a space-saving and efficient enclosure. This allows the system to continuously palletize at 100% speed, no matter how close surrounding processes work and travel around the cell. With this option you get the complete system including the enclosure and safety light grid incl. the CE declaration of conformity from the manufacturer.

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