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HAHN Robotic Palletizing Kit


The Palletizing Kit from HAHN Robotics revolutionizes the palletizing of products weighing up to 17 kg using collaborative robotics. It is immediately and flexibly deployable, space-saving and officially approved for operation without external protective equipment. With an intuitive, fully integrated interface, even complex, new patterns can be configured in minutes without prior knowledge – ideal for a changing product range. At the same time, two storage bays, also suitable for oversized pallets, ensure a continuous material flow. The connection to intralogistics is made by means of conveyor technology and preconfigured interfaces to driverless transport systems.

€97,500.00 - €122,500.00 excl. VAT.

From 1.000,00 € a month with lease buy or installment.

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Fast and Powerful

The Palletizer handles package weights up to 17 kg and achieves a cycle rate of up to 48 packages per minute with multiple grips - Relieving monotonous, time-consuming and physically demanding tasks.

Secure and Certified

The Palletizing Kit is CE certified as an HRC application. This means that it can be operated in common workrooms with your employees without a protective device.

Flexible and User-Friendly

A rollable frame guarantees flexible use in your rooms. With the supplied palletizing software, you can comfortably and independently create new, complex layer patterns - even with multiple grips, label side information and interlayer handling.

Immediately set up and accepted

The simple structure, the user-friendly commissioning and the intuitive handling of the function-integrated control guarantee a stable and smooth automation process.

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Your employees still pack packages manually on a pallet? Palletizing Kit can provide immediate relief from this unpleasant, monotonous and time-consuming task. As a turnkey, fully developed solution, you don't need to worry about HOW? HAHN Robotics provides uncomplicated set-up and guarantees a safe and highly dynamic complete package.

The Palletizing Kit consists of a collaborative robot (Doosan H2017 or Universal Robots UR10e) with MRK certified gripper. The robot is supported by a rolling frame with 2 pallet positions including integrated signal lights. The complete solution is rounded off by the intuitive Logisort palletizing software. This allows even complex packing patterns with different layer patterns and multiple handles to be set up offline within minutes.

Variant 1: Palletizing Kit with Doosan H2017.

In combination with the Doosan H2017, the Palletizing Kit shows its full strength. The perfect reach-to-weight ratio ensures a maximum item weight of 17 kg, a stacking height of up to 1.7 meters (optional: 2.4 m) and suitability for oversized pallets.

Variant 2: Palletizing Kit with Universal Robots UR10e.

The palletizer equipped with a UR10e is certified as a Universal Robots+ Application Kit - With package weights up to 9 kg and stack heights up to 2.2 meters, this is the ideal setup for standard palletizing tasks.

An extensive option list is available for uncompromising fulfillment of your task (e.g. accumulating roller conveyors, layer pad handling, adaptation of gripper technology or driverless transport systems).

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