Variobotic VarioShaker 540

The VarioShaker 540 component separator is more than a simple everyday component separator! This advanced parts separator is primarily used for Pick and Place and flexible feeding applications. With an effective area of approx. 475 x 290 mm, it can process parts ranging from approx. 20 to 60 mm in size. The VarioShaker 540 is easy to set up and configure and it is robust and uncomplicated in operation.

14.490,00 excl. VAT


More than a simple component separator

The VarioShaker from Variobotic is more than a simple everyday component separator. It adapts to different component sizes and shapes with ease and reliably separates them.

A high separation rate is achieved by moving the bulk material in a targeted manner. Collecting the parts and then separating them again is also no problem.

Optionally, there is also the possibility to empty the bin.


Size: 540 mm (diagonal)
Usable area: approx. 475 x 290 mm
Recommended part size: approx. 20 to 60 mm
Weight: 27.5 kg



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