SMARTSHIFT Robotbase Starter Kit

The Robotbase from SMARTSHIFT Robotics allows for a single cobot to be used at multiple workstations. Its intuitive and user-friendly design allows a single robot to be quickly and easily removed and then installed at a new location. Thanks to the precise design of the Robotbase, the robot is automatically zeroed and the same movements can be performed at a new location without the need for reprogramming.

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Precise and accurate fixation between different workstations.

The SMARTSHIFT Robotbase allows you to easily move a robot from workstation to workstation. Its intuitive and easy-to-use design allows for the repositioning of a robot without the need for reprogamming – the processes it performed at one station will work identically at another. This is possible thanks to the precision base coupling which ensures accurate zero positioning every time. The Robotbase uses a standard flange that can be mounted on all types of robots from Universal Robots or similar colalborative robots. A flange can be developed for any other robot, as well.

The SMARTSHIFT Robotbase set consists of one Robotbase plate (to attach to the robot) and two base plates (for workstations).

Weight 4.9 kg

SMARTSHIFT Robotbase in action
SMARTSHIFT Robotbase example use case


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