SMARTSHIFT Manual Tool Changer

The Manual Tool Changer from SMARTSHIFT is the ideal way to quickly change tools on your cobot. Available with both pneumatic and electric connections, the Tool Changer enables effortless tool changes so cobots can be quickly retooled and repurposed for new tasks.


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A tool changer is a device that is attached to the end of a robot and allows one to easily switch out a robot’s end of arm tool. This means that a given robot can use multiple tools to perform more or more complicated tasks. For example, if an operation requires assembly, inspection and material handling, a tool changer can be employed so that a single robot can perform all required tasks,

SMARTSHIFT’s patented design and functionality provide a new standard for tool changing in the robotics industry. Thanks to its universal compatibility, light weight and easy-to-connect design, SMARTSHIFT can be integrated with almost all lightweight and collaborative robots and grippers.

Manual Tool Changer – Pneumatic

The Pneumatic Tool Changer is a good introduction to SMARTSHIFT products as it allows for all kinds of connections. The Manual Tool Changer is easy to assemble and use. This Tool Changer offers the possibility for electrical connection as well as for the future upgrade to an automatic solution with a SMARTSHIFT Tool Pocket. The Manual Tool Changer (Pneumatic) consists of one Robot Master and two Tool Holders.

Manual Tool Changer – Pneumatic/Electric

The pneumatic and electric Tool Changer is a good option for those applications and processes which require both electric and pneumatic grippers. To achieve fully autonomous tool changing, you can upgrade by adding SMARTSHIFT Tool Pockets. The Manual Tool Changer (Pneumatic/Electric) consists of one electric Robot Master and two Electric Tool Holders.

Technical details (Manual Pneumatic Tool Changer)

Payload – 20 kg
Connection – Pneumatic 2xG 1/8″
Total weight – 630 g

Starter Kit: 1x Robotmaster, 2x Toolholder

Technical details (Manual Pneutmatic/Electric Tool Changer)

Payload – 20 kg
Connection – Pneumatic 2xG 1/8″ / Electrical M8 8 pin 24 V 1 AMP
Total weight – 750 g

Starter Kit: 1x Robotmaster Electric, 2x Toolholder

The SMARTSHIFT Tool Changer system can be used in a myriad of collaborative use cases, including assembly, palletizing / packaging, machine maintenance, material finishing, welding, and more.


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