SMARTSHIFT Light Manual Tool Changer

With a payload of 16kg, the SMARTSHIFT Light Tool Changer for cobots is an ideal solution for lighter automation solutions that require easy tool changing. It works with all major cobot brands and is easy to install and operate.

650,00 excl. VAT


Light Manual Tool Changer

Tool changes are fast and easy with the Light Manual Tool Changer from SMARTSHIFT. This tool is perfect for when tool changing is done only a few times a week and no pneumatic or electrical connection is required.

The Light Manual Tool Changer is only suitable for mechanical tools without pneumatic and electrical connections. It is still possible to mount electric or pneumatic tools, but the tools must be connected bypassing the Tool Changer.

Fast – Functions well at high speed and with high rigidity.
Accurate – Repeatability of 0.05 mm in all directions and angles
Ease of use – Easy deployment and re-deployment thanks to the Tool Changer’s intuitive design.

Starter kit includes: 1 x Robot Main Light, 2x Tool Holder Light

Technical details

Payload – 16 kg
Total weight – 250 g

The SMARTSHIFT Tool Changer System can be used in all collaborative applications, including assembly, palletizing/packaging, machine maintenance, material finishing, welding, and more.


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