SMARTSHIFT Automatic Tool Changer

The SMARTSHIFT Automatic Tool Changer is an ideal solution for work processes and use cases that require frequent, automatic and reliable tool changes. The SMARTSHIFT Automatic Tool Changer is compatible with all major cobot brands and offers an easy entry into a multi-gripper automation solution.

The maximum payload of the tool changer is 20 kg. URCap is available.


2.885,003.785,00 excl. VAT


For applications and use cases where tool changes are often required, the automatic tool changer can greatly increase efficiency. The SMARTSHIFT Automatic Tool Changer allows for mechanical, pneumatic, and (optionally) electrical connections. It includes tool holders that allow for the seamless exchange of tools and the ability to complete multiple tasks without stopping.

Automatic Tool Changer – Pneumatic Kit.

The Automatic Tool Changer (Pneumatic) is the most popular SMARTSHIFT kit. The clutch provides automatic mechanical and pneumatic connection. With the Automatic Tool Changer (Pneumatic), a robot can easily and autonomously change tools. There is also the option upgrade to the Automatic Tool Changer (Pneumatic/Electric). For an electrical solution you must purchase SMARTSHIFT cable electrical connector M8. The SMARTSHIFT Automatic Tool Changer (Pneumatic) Kit consists of a Robot Master, two Tool Holders and two Tool Pockets.

Automatic Tool Changer – Pneumatic/Electric Kit.

The Automatic Tool Changer (Pneumatic/Electric) kit offers mechanical, pneumatic and electrical connections and provides easy, autunomous changes for tools. The Automatic Tool Changer (Pneumatic/Electric) consists of an Electric Robot Master, two Electric Tool Holders, and two Tool Pockets.

The SMARTSHIFT Automatic Tool Changer system can be used in all collaborative use cases, incl. assembly, palletizing/packaging, machine maintenance, material finishing, welding, and more!

Precision test of the SMARTSHIFT Automatic Tool Changer
Setting up the electrical connection
Unpacking the SMARTSHIFT


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