Mimic kit for UR NPR-R50-UR

Programming robots is a time and money consuming activity which requires expertise. With Nordbo Robotics’ Mimic kit for UR, you can record and automate difficult tasks with little to none programming experience. The unique sensing technology enables users to record, transfer and let robots replicate motions in six dimensions

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The Mimic technology is essential for manufacturing if robots need to change tasks frequently and skilled robot programmers are not an in-house resource. Skilled workers equipped with the Mimic kit can provide a great productivity boost, increasing quality and lowering costs, even in high mix – low volume productions.

The Mimic kit can be used on all robot series from Universal Robots and includes

• Controller (with integrated web server)
• Receiver antenna
• Transmitter antenna
• Standard Joystick with 4 trigger buttons
• Workspace calibration kit
• URCap

Introducing the Mimic Kit



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