Magnetic Tool Changer NTC-E10

The NTC-E10 is an accurate and robust tool changer with an optional I/O coupling module. The unique use of an electro-permanent magnet discards the need for pneumatic equipment, and can be connected directly to the robot’s tool I/O. Simply supply power to demagnetize the tool changer and detach the tool flange. The optional I/O coupling, can further enable tool-changing between electrical grippers. For applications unsuited for pneumatics, the NTC-E10 is the perfect choice.

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An automatic tool changer enables maximum utilization of robots by quickly switching between multiple tools. Thereby, companies can program one robot to perform multiple tasks, improving the return of investment. It further minimizes idle time by allowing a seamless transition between different tools in operation.

The NTC-E10 (male + female part) can be further supplied with:
• I/O connectors which enables tool-changing between electrical grippers and tools
• Additional female flanges to switch between multiple tools
• Magazines that hold the female flanges with attached tools

The Magnetic tool Changer in Action



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