CobotStation Kassow Edition

The CobotStation Kassow Edition is the easy way to get started with stationary collaborative robots. The CobotStation comes with a cobot from Kassow Robots, which feature 7 degrees of freedom (compared to the industry standard of 6).

The CobotStation is available with any of Kassow’s five KR series cobots.


34.520,0046.660,00 excl. VAT


The specially designed plinth for cobots can be used in various configurations to accommodate the necessary supply and control elements.

Depending on the application and robot type (5 different Kassow models are available), the modular connections of the respective controller and the appropriate adapter plate for your Kassow are determined.

The scope of delivery includes the base incl. foundation plate, a Kassow cobot of your choice incl. controller and mounting set, as well as an OnRobot gripper with a “Quick Changer”. For the OnRobot gripper, two choices are available: RG2 or 3FG-15, which can be operated without an additional controller.

Not sure which robot or tool you need? You can find all information about Kassow cobots under the “Robots” tab in the marketplace. For further questions we are of course at your disposal (we can be contacted through the contact form or via the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of this page).

Technical data

weight approx. 85-110kg
payload 5-18kg
LxW 500x500mm
reach 800 – 1800mm
Gripping pattern cylindrical/parallel
(Ground condition should correspond to the application)

Scope of delivery

Base incl. foundation plate with dowels for floor mounting
Kassow cobot incl. control unit, teachpanel and mounting set
Gripper: OnRobot gripper (RG2 or 3FG-15) with Quick Changer
All assembly material

The shown tools are supplied with media by the cobot.

OKF = Upper edge of finished floor


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